Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

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2022|Volume 46

No. 1

Complete Journal Issue |2022|Vol. 46, No. 1|pages 1-84


Research Article |2022|Vol. 46, No. 1|pages 1-10

The Effect of Altered Auditory Feedback of Voice Focus on Nasalance Scores

Tim Bressmann, Mia Sara Misic

Research Article |2022|Vol. 46, No. 1|pages 11-23

Asyntactic comprehension in individuals with post-stroke aphasia

Julie Poulin, Anne-Sophie Bergeron, Vincent Martel-Sauvageau, Laura Monetta, Marion Fossard

Research Article |2022|Vol. 46, No. 1|pages 25-44

Reliability of Absolute Suppression Amplitude of Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions for Global and Half-Octave Frequency Bands in Children and Adults

Shreyank P. Swamy, Asha Yathiraj

Research Article |2022|Vol. 46, No. 1|pages 45-63

Emergent Literacy in Visually Impaired Children: Assessment of Oral Language Skills, Letter Knowledge, and Print Awareness

Alice Van Audenhaege, Julie Lievens, Anne Bragard

Research Article |2022|Vol. 46, No. 1|pages 65-84

English Grammatical Features of First Nations Kindergarteners: Differences, Not Mistakes

Patricia L. Hart Blundon

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