Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


2018|Volume 42

No. 2

Research Article |2018|Vol. 42, No. 2|pages 81-93

Sentence Recall and Single Word Reading in Monolingual Children and Same-Age English Language Learners With and Without Parental Concerns About Language Development

Areej M. A. Balilah, Lisa M. D. Archibald

Review Article |2018|Vol. 42, No. 2|pages 95-115

A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Hearing Technologies on Speech Perception Outcomes for People with a Severe-to-Profound High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Mathieu Hotton, François Bergeron

Case Study |2018|Vol. 42, No. 2|pages 117-126

Post Lengthening Temporalis Myoplasty Facial Rehabilitation by Speech-Language Pathologists: A Study of Three Patients

Sarah Martineau, Akram Rahal, Catherine Dufour-Fournier, Karine Marcotte

No. 1

Complete Journal Issue |2018|Vol. 42, No. 1|pages 1-79

Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Tutorial |2018|Vol. 42, No. 1|pages 1-19

An Overview of Data on the Phonological Development of French-Speaking Canadian Children

Françoise Brosseau-Lapré, Susan Rvachew, Andrea A. N. MacLeod, Kristy Findlay, Daniel Bérubé, Barbara May Bernhardt

Research Article |2018|Vol. 42, No. 1|pages 21-40

Preschool Children Assessed in Psychiatry: Does Parental Concern About Language Depend on the Severity of Expressive and Receptive Deficits?

Nicole Smolla, Marie-Julie Béliveau, Chantale Breault, Raphaële Noël, Alain Lévesque, Guylaine Gagné, Claude Berthiaume, Véronique Martin

Research Article |2018|Vol. 42, No. 1|pages 41-54

Test-Retest Reliability of the POSHA–S/Child in 4- to 11-Year-Old Schoolchildren

Kenneth O. St. Louis, Mary E. Weidner

Review Article |2018|Vol. 42, No. 1|pages 55-68

Scoping Review of Children’s Pain Vocabulary: Implications for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Ensa Johnson, Kobie Boshoff, Juan Bornman

Research Article |2018|Vol. 42, No. 1|pages 69-79

Internet Usage and Loneliness in Older Hearing Aid Wearers

Andrea Simpson, Sandy Clarke, Bojana Šarkić, Judith Bonnie Smullen, Caitlyn Jayne Pereira

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